My rights are free and I can be a candidate: Químico Benítez

Monday 20 May, 2024
1 min read

-His candidacy for Local Deputy is not for Revenge -The governor cried to him to remove the lawsuit After clarifying that being a candidate for Local Deputy for District 22 is not revenge, former mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres said that he has free his rights and can run for a popularly elected position. In interview for Sinaloa Online, said that as long as he is not sentenced, no one can do anything, plus he has federal protections. “One was rejected, but not because it was wrong, since I also asked for the constitutional change of an article and that caused a bit of noise, and I took refuge again,” he said. The ex-edil said that he did not return to politics to seek immunity, but that it is something that he has already left behind. He reiterated that it is not revenge to be a candidate, but what he wants to do is clarify to the people the type of corrupt government he has. “They see people’s good-natured faces and it’s the worst, they have the devil perched on their backs.” Benítez Torres said that Rocha Moya cannot get it out of his mind that he won the poll for governor, and that with Inzunza as his accomplice they created a legal situation of political gender violence, which did not exist. “But they needed something to get me out of the game and so I totally whine at home because they will take away the lawsuit and without that I would never have been governor”: he pointed out.


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