Cheers, music, applause and shooting. What was experienced in the debate over Mazatlán

Monday 27 May, 2024
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Mazatlán.- The day arrived, the candidates seeking the Mayor’s Office of Mazatlán faced each other amidst batons, flags, sympathizers and one or another “tiradera” in the debate organized by the Electoral Institute of the State of Sinaloa.

The sun was about to set and the outskirts of the venue, the Convention Center, already had dozens of supporters making the vehicles go around the wheel, on one side the red and green ones, those who were going to support Estrella Palacios, candidate of Morena and PVEM; On the other side, those in blue, those who went with the candidate Guillermo Romero, from Fuerza y ​​Corazón for Sinaloa.

Come read Debate about public services, security and a better Mazatlán – Punto MX

The supporters of the rest of the parties were a little more discreet, a few oranges in support of My Lai Quintero, from Movimiento Ciudadano; the reds in support of Mary José Sarabia of the PT; a few in purple, in support of David Castellanos, of the PES.

No one could enter the Convention Center, there were filters, everyone was waiting for the meeting of proposals, each one shouting for their favorite, they ensured the early victory of each one, for them, their candidates were going to “sweep”.

All very white

The candidates were already in the room, the three women in white, which according to psychology represents peace, renewal, simplicity, cleanliness and even optimism; The PES candidate was also wearing white and the Fuerza y ​​Corazón candidate was wearing white. Sinaloa Although he was wearing a white shirt, he was wearing a navy blue suit.

They posed together for the official photo, but before starting the debate there were already people raising their arms, Celia Jáuregui and Juan Carlos Patrón, Carlos Escobar and Karla Ulloa, supporting Estrella; Roberto Lem, Óscar Tirado, América Carrasco, supporting Guillermo; colleagues and family of each candidate were there.

The four-part division of the debate helped each one develop their own thing, education, public services, public transportation, security, environment and human development. They even talked about tourism and the regulation of construction permits. Each one proposed.


And the more time passed, the more there was talk about issues, color disputes, previous jobs were present and even reproaches but none of them ended up in confrontation. A debate where the proposals were the protagonists.

The debate ended and the shouts began: “Memo, Memo”, “Estrella, Estrella”, “My Lai, My Lai”, “Mary Jose Mary Jose”, “David, David”, some on one side and others on the other in a same place. Everyone declared themselves winners.

In the middle of a party organized by SNTE 53, the candidates came out from the back. And when they left, their supporters were already waiting to give them the microphone; to Imelda Casto and Enrique Inzunza, candidates for the Senate for Morena They passed by there, although they were going with the teachers’ party.

Delfín Street was a spectacle of colors and supporters who, although they had to mingle, each knew which candidate they were supporting.

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Source: Fernanda Magallanes from Punto MX on 2024-05-24 23:31:35

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