Estrella Palacios assures that she will work for rural tourism

Monday 27 May, 2024
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Mazatlán.- Estrella Palacios pledged to continue working to support El Recodo and all the tourist-oriented communities in Mazatlán with families who live in this community.

The candidate of Morena The Municipal Presidency of Mazatlán already came to this land, birthplace of La Banda El Recodo, of Don Cruz Lizárraga, to ask for a vote in favor of the government project that she represents.

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In the El Recodo shed she spoke of her aspiration to become the first elected Municipal President of Mazatlán.


“I want to commit to improving public services, we are going to continue with the replacement of LED lamps, there is a request for a new mural, I love this place, we are going to continue beautifying El Recodo and improving the quality of life of all its inhabitants.

Estrella Palacios promised to be very aware of everything that is needed to continue with the transformation of this community.

The townspeople asked the candidate Morena make a bridge in the Cofradía community, repair the main street, continue with the weight-to-weight program and support people who live in vulnerable conditions.

The former Secretary of Tourism highlighted her pride in representing the party Morena founded by Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

She highlighted that during her tenure as an official at the head of Sectur, she received the assignment from Governor Rubén Rocha to promote programs to develop rural tourism for the benefit of communities with a tourist vocation such as El Recodo, a program that will continue during her government.

At the end of the meeting in the shed, he walked the streets of El Recodo, greeted the neighbors and visited the carved stones that have given added value to this tourist destination.

Candidate meets with athletes and STASE workers

In the morning, Estrella Palacios greeted athletes and their families who gathered on the fields of the Muralla Sports Club.


The brunette joined the cheers that the mothers sang to support their daughters and sons; And surprisingly, the mothers of the Muralla Club, at that moment armed the candidate with their support where they confirmed that Estrella will be Municipal President of Mazatlán.

Later, at the Mazatlán Pneumonia Union, he met with members of the State Workers Union, who were summoned by leader Michel Benítez, and Karla Milan, delegate of the Administrative Unit,


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