In Olas Altas and with a band, Estrella Palacios closes her campaign

Monday 27 May, 2024
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Mazatlán.- Just as Andrés Manuel López Obrador did in 2018 when he was named president-elect, and as the candidate Claudia Sheinbaum repeated it, this is how Estrella Palacios Domínguez, candidate for mayor of Mazatlán for Morena and the Green Party, on the Olas Altas promenade.

The sun had not yet set and dozens of trucks arrived from Miguel Alemán Avenue, transporting hundreds of people wearing the outfit: white t-shirt and red cap with the motto “Estrella Palacios. Chairwoman”. With scarves full of stars around their necks and heads, the supporters positioned themselves in Olas Altas to take the best place.

From the Shield to the Venadito, the monuments served as a reference to identify the chairs and areas delimited for the event. Among the attendees were veteran and young Morenistas, former queens of the Mazatlán International Carnival, fellow candidates for federal and local deputies, their family, everyone was there.

After 6:00 p.m., Estrella, accompanied by the Senate candidates, Imelda Castro and Enrique Inzunza Cázarez, and the leader of Morena in Sinaloa, Manuel Guerrero Executioner, they made their entrance. They greeted everyone, took pictures and hugged each other. The flags were raised, the children were placed on their shoulders, and the batucada livened up the atmosphere. It was a party.

Closing of Estrella Palacios campaign

Photos: Fernanda Magallanes

Estrella took the microphone, thanked the moment and once again listed her proposals regarding public works, public services, security, education, women, culture, tourism, merchants and economic development, making it clear that, if she wins, Mazatlán will also be a winner.

“Today I address you with a heart full of gratitude, convinced that together we can build a better Mazatlán… I commit to you to work tirelessly to make Mazatlán a fair, safe and prosperous city, a Mazatlán where we all have opportunities” , he declared.

Closing of Estrella Palacios campaign

The Fourth Transformation will follow: Imelda Castro

The Senate candidate, Imelda Castro, added that the continuity of the Fourth Transformation will continue after June 2, with the commitment not to fail the citizens who have trusted in Morena since 2018.

“We are going to continue rescuing politics, making it a human, dignified, ethical and honest activity. In this closing of the campaign, we ratify our commitment to not forget these principles and bring them to the legislative and government exercise. “We are not going to fail them,” he stated.

The autonomy of the UAS will be recovered: Cázarez

The candidate Enrique Inzunza Cázarez added that, with the vote of the citizens, the senators of Morena will have a strong and clear commitment: recover the autonomy of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa and ensure that the Sinaloense Party loses its registration.

“With the vote of five out of five, we are going to ensure that this party, which is a scourge of the politics of Sinaloadisappear, and we will free the Autonomous University of Sinaloa”, he commented.

Max Peraza and his bandononona make a musical closing

With shouts and applause, Estrella Palacios closed her campaign. Not before introducing Max Peraza, who entertained with a musical show that included songs like “Mi Gusto Es” and “El Corrido de Mazatlán”, among others.

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