Mexican director Sergio Arau plans to produce the series “A Day Without Mexicans”

Monday 27 May, 2024
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20 years have passed since that spectacular show on Hollywood Boulevard, which caused so much commotion with its phrase “A day without Mexicans” and which at that time no one imagined would be the beginning of a great story.

And, although Sergio Arau as director and producer took on the task of portraying migration, on that occasion, it was not along the traditional lines, but rather a basic premise was proposed, which was always in the air: What happens if There are no Mexicans?, in addition to seasoning it with comedy.

In this way, “A Day Without Mexicans” began its story, and later became a cult film, which has managed to transcend time, thanks to its theme, which 20 years later is still more relevant than ever, and now, with new technologies it has become even more visible.

Sergio Arau spoke about this film, which has undoubtedly been a watershed in his career that has left a pleasant taste in his mouth, by making visible the conditions of migrants and the important role they play in the United States society and economy.

We must remember that in states like California, Mexicans are the dominant force, boosting the State’s economy, as 40% of its population is of Latin origin.

“We didn’t imagine what we were unleashing, but we are glad that today the film continues to be a reference for new generations,” said the artist, who is now ready to talk about the subject again from different angles and with his particular style and humor; this time, through a series.

Sergio Arau (Photo: AMEXI)

Arau highlighted that he plans to make a series in which the topic can continue to be given visibility in each chapter, however, there are still many details to be determined.

Meanwhile, the artist will have a special screening of his film “A Day Without Mexicans” on May 29 at the Cineteca Nacional, in México City, where he will talk and share comments with the public. It will later be shown on June 7 at the Asu Yuhaaviatam Event Center in Los Angeles. California.

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