The Diver. A documentary that gives value to a 100-year-old profession

Monday 27 May, 2024
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Mazatlán.- Don Chema, El Chon, Samuel, El Muñeco, El Chikis and Carlos have something in common, they love the sea and want to die in it, each of them with El Clavadista de la Sánchez Taboada and the protagonists of the documentary.

They tell it all in the documentary El Clavadista, produced and directed by Mazatlán natives Fernando Alarriba and Daniel Reyes, who began doing historical research and ended up with an entire documentary production.

Come read El Clavadista, a documentary that recognizes a profession and tradition in Mazatlán – Punto MX

This production, lasting approximately one hour, tells you how these tourist icons of Mazatlán were born, what challenges they have faced, fears and concerns, they are people who respect the sea, more than being afraid of it.


What’s the story about?

And the story goes like this, the divers were born at the end of the 70s of the last century, as a hobby, a group of friends who did not want to go to school and who only wanted to walk in the sea, until a large soft drink company He organizes a tournament for them and from then on, it’s history.

The contest awarded three places, 300 pesos for first place, 200 pesos for second and 100 pesos for third.


The astonishment of those who could see the contest led the participants themselves to charge 10 pesos per dive every day and today it is “whatever you like to cooperate with.”

Fernando Alarriba and Diego Reyes say that making the documentary has the mission of dignifying a job that is not well paid but is recognized worldwide. Who doesn’t have a photo of the dive while the sun goes down?

The Ángela Peralta Theater was full, there were few single seats, friends and family of the protagonists were present, film lovers too, no one imagined the impact that a job could have on them.

Raúl Rico, director of the Municipal Institute of Culture, pointed out that being a diver deserves respect, deserves courage and it is to be applauded that, after 100 years, someone has dared to give them the recognition they deserved.


Do you want to see the documentary El Clavadista?

You can see it at the Cinematograph of the Municipal Arts Center right here at the theater on Saturday, May 25 or from your home community in Home –

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Source: Fernanda Magallanes from Punto MX on 2024-05-23 21:34:19

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