With a bad streak in 2024, but with good security in Culiacán: president of the UCC

Monday 27 May, 2024
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CULIACÁN._ We continue with a bad streak in sales in the first half of the year, but we have very good attention in matters of public safety, said Óscar Sánchez Beltrán, president of the Union of Merchants of the Center of Culiacán.

He commented that the Teacher’s Day and Student’s Day sales were not as planned, since they had anticipated profits of up to 60 percent, but it turned out to be 20 percent.

“Unfortunately we continue with a bad streak in sales, again we have just faced new setbacks with Teacher’s Day and Student’s Day. We had projections of an increase in sales of up to 60 percent and we only reached 20 percent.”

“This confirms this bad streak that we are experiencing in 2024, well in commercial matters. These dates, which would be Teacher’s Day and Student’s Day, practically, as they say, ‘happened at night’ for the commercial sector,” he said.

Sánchez Beltrán said that they expected respite from these two dates, because similarly on May 10 they had sales declines.

“We were waiting for a break on these two dates, since what was on Mother’s Day was very bad sales, the drops in marketing of products that occurred in Culiacán were terrible and this brought a significant impact on the economy of merchants,” he mentioned.

The president of the UCC argued that the only date they have left to save the first six months of the year is Father’s Day, but that he does not wait long, since there are never significant sales.

“Practically nothing else remains for us in the first half of this year, which is Father’s Day, but for us Father’s Day doesn’t matter, there is no sale of products. “Parents settle for a hug and a meal and there is no purchase of products.”

“We are already writing off the first half of 2024 in commercial matters. It is evident that we will have a very difficult year, the economy is changing,” he said.

Sánchez Bernal explained that they have already taken measures with the Culiacán City Council to boost sales, they have put products for sale on the internet as they did in the pandemic, this in order to have more access to better income.

“We have already been in talks, because we are trying to put into action all the talents that exist from the Municipal Government, the state government and, among them, commerce, to see what actions we can carry out to mitigate this situation,” he communicated.

Óscar also highlighted that they are clear that although they do actions or activities to increase sales, if people do not bring money, not much can be done, since he considers that it is because of the current economy that people only buy what essential.

On the other hand, he acknowledged that in terms of security in the city’s first square they have been good compared to other years.

“We have very good attention to public safety. A few days ago we gave some recognition because the first quarter of 2024 in terms of Public Security in the arrest of crimes, was with very good results in the first table of the city,” he said.

He indicated that recently there were some robberies in a shoe store and street vendors, but that it does not affect the Safe Center Operation, which the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Transit and organizations dedicated to commerce have implemented.

“This does not mean that the operation is failing because, in general terms, this event that occurred this day does not represent an alarm signal with all the months that we have practically kept crimes at bay in the center of Culiacán,” accurate.

“In the center of the city, in the first square of the city, it went from being one of the most insecure areas of Culiacán to one of the safest,” acknowledged the president of the UCC.

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