Aquaculturists in CONAPESCA protest and block the Tarpon Shrimp

Monday 3 June, 2024
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-They have losses of more than 10 billion pesos -Tomorrow hundreds of aquaculturists from Sinaloa, they blocked Camarón Sábalo Avenue for more than two hours and held a protest outside the CONAPESCA offices, to ask for a stop to the importation of shrimp from Ecuador and other countries, since this represents losses of more than 10 thousand. million pesos per year. Headed by Carlos Urías Espinoza, president of the Confederation of Aquaculture Organizations of the State of Sinaloa (COADES), the protesters made it clear that they can no longer tolerate what is happening to the sector. During their protest, the aquaculturists were received by officials from the federal agency, including the visitor Sergio Escutia Zúñiga, and already in the private meeting, they asked them to have more actions, to move from speech to actions. “We need the issue to reach the level of the president, because there is a problem with Customs, Senasica, they are the head of the sector and have responsibilities, because although they have attended to us, but in part they have evaded, that is why we came here, and then continue to México City, where we will continue with the protests,” he said. Most of the problem is that Customs fulfills its function and that smuggled shrimp should not enter and at the same time that Senasica stops issuing import certificates, since with that they legalize what enters the country illegally.


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