Car woman from the top of a hill in Salvador Alvarado, there is little chance of finding her alive

Monday 3 June, 2024
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An adult woman fell from the top of the Carricitos hill in Salvador Alvarado, while she was taking photographs.

Rescue personnel from the various relief bodies are working at the site, and it has been possible to see through drones and small planes that have flown over the area, that the woman could be motionless.

It is confirmed that it is Dora Celia “L” “G”, 58 years old, who lives in Culiacán but is originally from Guamúchil.

This woman is a state official of the Democratic Revolution Party. Rescue teams have been working at the scene since this morning.

The area where this woman fell is very difficult to access, so the rescue is being slow. Rescuers who are at the scene comment that it is difficult for her to have managed to save her life due to the height from which she fell. However, there is nothing that can be officially confirmed at this time.

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Source: Benjamín Velasco from Sinaloahoy on 2024-06-01 15:35:50

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