Disabled man dies hit by urban bus in Mazatlán

Monday 3 June, 2024
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-The accident occurred on Avenida Juan Carrasco, in front of the offices of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, ending with a disabled man being run over and killed.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A tragic accident took place at noon this Tuesday on Avenida Juan Carrasco in Mazatlán, where a disabled man was killed by a city bus. The man, who was traveling in a wheelchair, lost his life after being hit by a unit of the Alliance of Urban and Suburban Buses of Mazatlán.

The incident occurred just outside the offices of the port’s Ministry of Communications and Transportation. According to an eyewitness, the disabled man, who looked homeless, was trying to cross the road when he was hit by the bus. The route of the unit is unknown, as the driver turned off the dashboard and parked the vehicle immediately after the incident.

The man, still unidentified, was barefoot and it is mentioned that he had only his heels, without his toes. It is believed that he was trying to cross through one of the so-called blind spots and the driver could not see him. Municipal Traffic and Public Security elements arrived first at the scene, notifying the other authorities and the Red Cross. Paramedics from this institution confirmed that the disabled man was run over and killed at the scene.

Currently, the corresponding procedures are being carried out at the site of the accident, which has caused the closure of one of the lanes from south to north at General Pesqueira Avenue. Traffic is diverted along this same road towards the Center. Drivers are urged to be patient, look for alternative routes and take precautions.

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Source: Redaccion from PMX Portal on 2024-05-28 14:37:25

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