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Monday 3 June, 2024
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The Tigers of the North, a name turned into legend. The most recognized musical icons worldwide; ambassadors of our music and Mexican culture. Their songs have social and political force, and today have become the precedent for all new generations of artists in all musical genres of regional México.

‘I rule here’ is the title of the new EP of the so-called ‘Idols of the people’. “I’m in charge here”, a powerful phrase, with energy, and that fits perfectly in the name of The Tigers of the North as the greatest of regional Mexican music.

The Northern Tigers (Courtesy)

The EP is made up of 5 songs, “Bread and honey” a northerner from the authorship of Manuel Eduardo Toscano released as the first single to be promoted; “She is wow” a cumbia with peculiar and fun lyrics; “The revenge” from the authorship of Erika Ender is a rhythmic ballad with a story of spite, “The last one and we leave” a ballad that mixes sensuality and farewell to love, and finally “I rule here”, the topic focus track which also gives its name to the EP.

“I rule here” It is a song authored by Héctor Guerrero who wrote the song especially for the grouping. It is a song of empowerment achieved thanks to work and perseverance at all levels. A corrido, which, by the way, is one of the genres that has always been among the most listened to in the catalog. of Los Tigres del Norte.

In the last weeks, the name of Los Tigres del Norte has been heard loud and clear. On the one hand, thanks to the successful tour they had through Spain and England, later the inauguration of their museum in Mocorito, Sinaloa today, the release of this EP that will surely become the public’s favorite.

Finally, the announcement of the “AQUI MANDO YO” tour that will start in the month of June and that will cover the main cities of México, the United States, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, among many more. In addition, yesterday they announced the spectacular concert that they will perform for the first time at Madison Square Garden in New York City, in May 2025.

The Northern Tigers triumph on their return to Europe
The Tigers of the North (Courtesy)

‘I rule here’ It is now available on all digital platforms like the official video of the song, which was recorded in locations in CDMX, as well as in the nostalgic streets of Mocorito and Rosa Morada, Sinaloa the place where Los Tigres del Norte was born.

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