May unseats April as the most violent month of 2024

Monday 3 June, 2024
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CDMX.- The month of May became the most violent month of the year, overtaking April, after registering 2,410 murders throughout the country, which represents an average of 77.7 victims daily, according to preliminary figures of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC).

The fifth month of the year also had the highest number of victims of intentional homicide in one day, with 104 recorded on May 19, which at the same time left the bloodiest weekend with 280 murders from Friday, May 17 to Sunday, May 19. .

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It should be noted that since October 2022, there have not been more than 2,400 intentional deaths, in preliminary figures in one month, which is why May 2024 is ranked as one of the most violent months of the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

According to the statistics of the daily report prepared by the SSPC Based on reports from state prosecutors’ offices, victims of intentional homicide increased 2.5 percent in May compared to April in which 2,349 were registered and now ranks as the second most violent month of the year.

According to the daily report of the SSPC, the most violent state in May, in absolute numbers, is Guanajuato, an entity in which there is the presence and dispute of criminal organizations. The state recorded 243 murders and accumulated seven days with more than 10 homicide victims in 24 hours.

They are still counting State of México with 207; the State of Nuevo León, with 180; Baja California follows, with 152; Chihuahua, registered 146; Michoacán counted 140; Jalisco listed 138; Morelos, 120; Puebla, 100; Guerrero, 99; Sonora, 89.

In the specific case of New Lion, entity governed by the Emecista Samuel García Sepúlveda, an increase of 37% was recorded in homicide victims, going from 131 in April to 180 in May.

These percentage increases also occurred in State of México, which reports an increase of 5 points; Chihuahua, 30%; Jalisco, 10%; Guerrero, fifteen%; Sonora, 3%; Zacatecas, 9%; Puebla, 6%; Quintana Roo, 23%; Sinaloa, 3. 4%; Tamaulipas, 40%; Hidalgo, 77%.

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During the month of May, in this context, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador acknowledged that there are more homicides in the country, but stressed that these occur with less violence.

“There is no more violence, there are more homicides than the entire six-year term, there are fewer robberies than in previous six-year terms, there are fewer kidnappings than previous six-year terms and fewer federal crimes,” he expressed during a morning conference.

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