They file a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office against the director of Immujer

Monday 3 June, 2024
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Mazatlán._ Before the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Sinaloa in Mazatlán, a complaint was filed against the director of the Municipal Women’s Institute, Emma Rodríguez Choreño, who is accused by the trans community of making transphobic comments, confirmed the Regional Deputy Prosecutor in the Southern Zone of the State, Jesús Arnoldo Serrano Castello.

“We are aware of a complaint that was filed, I do not know exactly the facts, let us remember that we have to respect the rights of the people reported or charged at the time and also this exercise of protection is in favor of those who are victims of crime,” Serrano Castello added in an interview with media personnel this Friday.

He specified that there is information about a complaint that was filed by a person, not by a community.

“It is registered, the complaint is registered, an investigation folder is initiated and in respect of the fundamental rights of those who are reported and those who are offended, it will be integrated,” he continued.

Serrano Castello said he does not remember well if it was last Sunday or Monday when said complaint was filed and the National Code establishes different rules for this and the Public Ministry that has the file enjoys all the autonomy to decide whether or not to summon the person. that is reported, until the file is kept confidential.

As was publicly reported at the time, the head of Immujer is accused by the trans community of making transphobic comments during a meeting last week in the Town Hall.

For this reason, this Thursday members of said community held a demonstration at the Municipal Palace to demand the dismissal of said public official.

Both Mayor Édgar González Zataráin and the head of the Internal Control Body, Rafael Padilla Díaz, publicly reported that this case is being investigated by this Body in question and in a period of 15 days a resolution could be reached in this regard.

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