AMLO defends judicial reform in the face of market turmoil

Monday 10 June, 2024
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México CITY.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador responded to the recent turmoil in the markets caused by his proposed reform of the Judiciary, stating that “justice is above the markets.” During a press conference, the president stressed the importance of choosing justice over economic interests.

López Obrador criticized the economic elites, accusing them of acting irrationally and selfishly, without considering the well-being of the country. He explained that the nervousness in the markets is not spontaneous and is promoted by those who fear losing their influence in the Judiciary.

The president is confident that his initiative, which proposes that judges, magistrates and ministers be elected by direct vote of citizens, will be approved in September, before his term ends.

Likewise, he called on those promoting nervousness to reconsider their position, highlighting that respect for the Constitution and the fight against corruption have benefited México. }

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In addition to judicial reform, there are 18 initiatives in process

The President pointed out that the reform worries influence peddlers, but recalled that he has sent 18 more initiatives to Congress. He ruled out that the reform would complicate the transition of power to Claudia Sheinbaum, the winning candidate of the presidential elections, recalling that she also raised the reform during her campaign.

The president mentioned that the qualified majority of Morena and his allies in Congress has generated concern among his opponents, ensuring that this majority will not be used to commit injustices. He reiterated that the Judiciary is “kidnapped” by a minority that fears losing its space of influence.

Finally, López Obrador assured that judicial reform will advance in an orderly manner and without authoritarianism, calling for an inclusive dialogue. He celebrated that the Judicial Branch union agrees with the reform, underlining the need for an integral Judicial Branch at the service of the people.

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