Attorney General insists on proposing a new head of the Internal Body: Mayor of Mazatlán

Monday 10 June, 2024
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Mazatlán._ Although there is a new regulation that indicates that a call must be made to appoint the head of the Internal Control Body of the Mazatlán City Council, the Attorney General does not want to issue the document and insists that it be through a his proposal, said Mayor Édgar González Zataráin.

“She insists on the old scheme of not convening, of doing it as it was done the old way, of a proposal of hers and that the Cabildo ratifies it, we say: apply the new regulation, so she has been protecting herself, she has been adding resources to not do it, it is their right, yes, but I think that is not convenient if what we want is for there to be more participation, for it to be more transparent, we cannot go against that,” González Zataráin added in an interview.

He specified that the new regulation establishes that the head of the Attorney General’s Office, in this case the person in charge is Claudia Magdalena Cárdenas Díaz, must issue the call for citizens who wish to participate and who meet the requirements, not nothing. plus those that she proposes to the Cabildo.

“It can be any citizen who meets the requirements, who has experience, who has the knowledge, who has no relationship with the Government, they are very clear requirements and I think the best thing is that they do not put it under the desk, but rather that they “Open to organizations, associations, citizens, everyone, to participate,” continued the Mayor.

He reiterated that it is the power of the Attorney General to issue said call and as the Mayor he has been calling, urging that he do so.

“We have called, urging her to do it, it is her power, we cannot repress it either, on the contrary we have recognized that it is her power, it is recognized in the law, and waiting for her to consider it appropriate to convene it, we can call it through this new regulation,” said González Zataráin.

On one occasion, the Mazatlán Town Council refused to appoint a person proposed by the current Attorney General as head of the Internal Control Body.

For this reason, Rafael Padilla Díaz currently serves as the person in charge of the office of said Internal Control Body until the person who will replace him is named, since he himself has already concluded two consecutive periods as head for which he was appointed.

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