DEA reports that ‘El Mayo’ Zambada is ‘bedridden’ and under intense medical care

Monday 10 June, 2024
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From the leader of Poster of Sinaloa, of one of the most powerful drug cartels in México, Ismael ‘El Mayo’ Zambada García, little is known; However, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA, for its acronym in English) has revealed new information that indicates that the man of 76 years old has been suffering for some time 40 years old diabetes a condition that has prostrated him in bed.

The health of Zambada García has caught the attention of researchers and journalists; however, No reports had given any indication that his condition had worsened. to the level of prohibiting you from carrying out daily activities.

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The media report that the DEA has confirmed that the criminal leader originally from The Alamo, Sinaloa is in serious condition and seems to have retired from criminal activity. The sources consulted mention that the boss of the Poster of Sinaloa no longer leaves his shelter and faces a acute stage of his illness which has caused damage to several organs and has caused problems in the view being low strict medical care.

“He suffers from controlled diabetes and an annoying knee that swells so much that they have to remove the fluid with a needle with some regularity” wrote the journalist Anabel Hernández in his book The secret history. AMLO and the Cartel Sinaloa.

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While in the National Drug Threat Assessment 2024, published on May 9 by the DEA it is known that he was “in poor physical health”, which left the leadership of his faction in doubt, despite the fact that the severity level.

Currently, at 76 years old, Ismael Zambada García He is one of the drug traffickers of the first generation of the organized crime mexican that He remains alive and free.

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