Drug dealer is arrested after persecution in Saltillo

Monday 10 June, 2024
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After a chase through the streets of the 15 de Septiembre and Vista Hermosa neighborhoods, personnel from the Municipal police managed to arrest a man who had in his possession bags with drugs called crystal, apparently intended for sale.

Minutes after 1 in the afternoon, the mobilization spread through the different streets of the aforementioned neighborhoods, where the authorities of the K9 unit followed a vehicle. It was a Chevrolet Yukon truck with license plates VNN 552 C. of the state of Sinaloa. Signals were made to the driver to stop, but he ignored them.

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In his attempt to escape from the police, the driver, identified as Raúl, was traveling along Dominico Street and was heading towards 5th Street. Going at high speed and in his desire to evade justice, crashed into a car and then into a pole. The young man tried to flee the scene on foot, but was unsuccessful, and was detained and taken to the facilities of the Strategic Operations Center (COE).

The driver of the Nissan Sentra vehicle, Manuel Ramírez Dávila, 82, only felt the impact, and his car spun, almost hitting another parked vehicle. Paramedics from the Red Cross arrived to treat him. Fortunately, he did not have serious injuries, only bruises that were healed. He stayed at the scene to determine who would pay for the damage to his car, while the vehicle responsible was kept in a corralón from the city.

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