Estrella Palacios receives certification as elected Municipal President of Mazatlán

Monday 10 June, 2024
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The candidate of Morena and from the Green Party, Estrella Palacios Domínguez, received this Friday afternoon the certificate of majority as the first elected Municipal President of Mazatlán after her victory was ratified after a recount during the last three days.

It was approximately 3:00 p.m. when he went to receive the document from the president of the Municipal Electoral Council, Aida Palafox Villalobos.

”I feel very happy, I feel very excited, we are living a historic moment because for the first time in Mazatlán a woman is elected as Municipal President and we also had a historic vote, we obtained more than 108 thousand votes, we know that it is a great achievement for us, for our project, for the project of Morena “That was what the majority chose and I feel very enthusiastic and very committed to all Mazatlecos,” said Palacios Domínguez after receiving the majority certificate.

”It is a great challenge and one that I assume with great responsibility and to tell you that the will of the Mazatlán people has been respected, that makes me very happy and we know that the Municipal Electoral Council ratified our victory, without a doubt it is a resounding victory, Of course, and it was reflected on the day of the polls and today, so we are very happy.”

At the event where certificates were also delivered to the Attorney General’s Office and the councilors, the former Secretary of Tourism and former Queen of the Carnival of Mazatlán also said that truth and justice triumphed.

”To tell you that the truth triumphed, justice triumphed, this is a triumph for the people, it is a triumph for Mazatlán and my commitment is that well-being reaches every corner of Mazatlán, for the love of the people, I am very grateful and that too It is because of the women that we are now going to be represented with our next President of the Republic, Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum and her servant Estrella Palacios here in Mazatlán,” he stressed.

To an express question about the accusations that the candidate for Mayor of Mazatlán made in the morning for the Fuerza y ​​Corazón por coalition Sinaloa Guillermo Romero Ridrpiguez, that Morena committed fraud together with the electoral authorities and that he will challenge the result in court so that the election can be held again, Palacios Domínguez stated that he has the right to do what he considers.

”He has the right to do what he considers he has to do, but the reality is that the election favored us, we have a difference in votes, thousands of votes, there is more than 30 thousand votes, the difference between our favor, the election is won with votes and we won it,” reiterated the now elected Municipal President of Mazatlán.

”And to tell you that here it was reviewed in detail by the electoral authority, the victory is ratified and we also know that it is a transparent and clean election, we are very happy, I am very grateful to Morena”, with all the people who made it possible for us to achieve victory, we are ready to work for Mazatlán.”

After the election day on June 2, the data from the Preliminary Electoral Results Program gave the advantage to Palacios Domínguez and until 11:00 a.m. on Monday, June 3, when 90 percent of the polling stations had been counted, he had 86 1,099 votes, 14 percent more than the standard bearer of the Fuerza y ​​Corazón coalition for Sinaloa which had 63,421 votes.

It was at 1:00 p.m. last Wednesday, June 5, when the counting of the finally 472 electoral packages of a total of 794 that were installed in Mazatlán for the City Council election began.

Around 11:00 a.m. this Friday, June 7, the counting of the votes concluded and Palacios Domínguez’s victory was ratified, stated the president of the Municipal Electoral Council.

Palacios Domínguez was received outside the Municipal Electoral Council with a Sinaloan music band and by dozens of supporters who, both upon entering and leaving, chanted President1, President! President! and “Yes it could”, “Yes it could”.

The elected Mayor came to receive the certificate of majority accompanied by her husband Román, as well as the state leader of Morena Manuel de Jesus Guerrero Verdugo, of elected representatives such as Carlos Escobar and Karla Ulloa, among others.

”I thank those who made it possible for us to achieve victory, my team, my family, I thank all the people who have come forward to make this possible, I am very happy and very excited and we are not going to let them down, thank you very much “, reiterated the Municipal President elected for the period from November 1, 2024 to October 31, 2027.

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