*About a thousand people will participate

*There will be approximately 15 floats

This coming Saturday, June 22, the LGBTTTIQA+ Pride parade will take place, where Edgar González Zatarain will give the flag, as well as being the first mayor to join the march, said Tulio Martínez Tirado, president of Sinaloa Diverse, after a meeting he held with the municipal president.

“He said he was going to march with us, so we are going to wait for him there and we will be very happy for him to come out with us, to join us and to be an ally,” he said.

Furthermore, he reported that the reason for the meeting was to request support with the issue of permits, sound, pavilions, floats, so the mayor’s response was very favorable, which is why he assured that he had the support of the Municipal Government.

“Normally we have about a thousand people participating and there will be 15 floats, that’s what we think, 15 are already authorized, but let’s hope that we can complete them and that they are in good condition,” he commented.

It is worth mentioning that the parade will begin at 5 in the afternoon at the Sánchez Taboada roundabout and will culminate at El Valentinos.