México takes drastic measures against conversion therapies: ban and official sanctions in the DOF

Monday 10 June, 2024
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On June 7, in its evening edition, the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) published a crucial reform that prohibits and sanctions conversion therapies in México. This legislation, which comes into effect immediately, establishes severe penalties for those who practice these harmful and discriminatory interventions.

legislative process

The legislation, which was on hold for two years in Congress, was finally approved by the Chamber of Deputies on March 23, with 267 votes in favor, 104 against and 33 abstentions. Previously, in October 2022, it had received approval from the Senate.

Established sanctions

According to the new law, the sanctions for those who carry out conversion therapies include:

  • Prison: Two to six years.
  • Fine: One thousand to two thousand times the daily value of the Measurement and Update Unit (UMA).

These penalties will be doubled if the victims are under 18 years of age, older adults or people with a disability. Furthermore, if the offenders are fathers, mothers or guardians, they could face sanctions of reprimand or warning according to the judge’s consideration.

Aggravating circumstances

The penalties will also be doubled if the perpetrator maintains a work, teaching, domestic, medical or other subordinate relationship with the victim. The use of physical, psychological or moral violence, as well as the abuse of a public function to commit the crime, will also be considered aggravating factors.

Start of investigations

To initiate an investigation into these practices, it will be enough to file a complaint. This approach facilitates access to justice for victims and ensures that swift action is taken against perpetrators.

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Source: Benjamín Velasco from Sinaloahoy on 2024-06-08 14:05:07

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