‘Mom, it’s Javier, don’t go out, wait 5 minutes’; After 16 days, a young man from Culiacán appears alive

Monday 10 June, 2024
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Javier Maximiliano Carrillo Grajeda disappeared on March 21 in the Horizontes neighborhood, in Culiacán. For more than two weeks, his mother Josefina Carrillo led a series of mobilizations to make his disappearance visible and demand that the Attorney General’s Office Sinaloa accelerate your work to find his whereabouts.

On the morning of this Thursday, June 6, the 18-year-old returned home during the early hours of the day. He would have been delivered to his house by unknown individuals.

Josefina Carrillo was praying in the living room of her house, which she had converted into her bedroom while the search for Javier Maximiliano was underway, when she heard someone speaking to her from outside.

“Mom, I’m Javier, Mom,” Josefina Carrillo said she heard.

“I get up, in a hurry, because I was sitting praying. ‘Don’t go out, Mom, wait 5 minutes, wait 5 minutes’ Wait 5 minutes without moving, wait 5 minutes to see my son out there, I hugged him, I told him that I love him, that he is not alone.

On May 22, Javier Maximiliano was reported missing after his mother noticed that he had not returned home, after having gone out hours before with a friend from the area. Javier Maximiliano’s friends mentioned that he had gone alone to the store and forgot his cell phone at the meeting, but he did not return.

From that moment on, Josefina Carrillo began reporting the disappearance and led demonstrations.

”In my heart there was a feeling that said ‘he is alive’. Yesterday we went on a search, we searched the entire river, and many people supported us, and I knew he wasn’t there but as a mother, as a human being, I was also searching because I didn’t know if there was another person and I could give him the value for a mother to have where to cry for her child,” said Mrs. Josefina.

According to the report from the Command and Control Center, Javier Maximiliano was left outside his house by unknown people, and his head was wrapped with his own shirt.

The young man’s mother limited herself to celebrating that her son returned alive, and mentioned that she will not give details of his release as the case is recent.

“I know that you would like to know how my son arrived, how my son is doing, you have more experience than me in all this, you know how the situation is right now, so I have to keep my guard up, and I ask you please Please understand me, we have to do it like this. Right now I have it, which was what I wanted, what many people wanted,” he said.

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