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Monday 10 June, 2024
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Mazatlán, Sin.- In the colony Casas Económicas Bahía de Puerto Viejo street has become a critical point Due to the Garbage accumulation that has not been removed by collectors.

The residents of the zone They assure that, despite their efforts, the waste remains uncollected, which has generated bad smells and has attracted animals that spread the trash for all the street.

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“This has been going on for months and it seems that no one cares, the garbage accumulates, it smells horrible and we have seen rats and other animals spreading it everywhere, it is a risk to our health, it is filthy,” mentioned Adriana Guzmán, a resident of the settlement.

The problem began to worsen approximately two months when garbage collection services stopped passing with regularity. Despite residents’ efforts to keep the street clean, the accumulation of waste has become unsustainable. According to residents the trash It includes food remains, plastics, branches and other materials that have accumulated over time.

“We have organized among neighbors to clean part of the sidewalks, but it is not enough. Every time the garbage truck passes, we ask them to take everything, but there is always something left. This has caused the animals to approach, and “It’s a problem because they spread the garbage more,” Guzman explained.

Besides bad smells and the proliferation of animals, Neighbors have also reported that the situation has begun to attract people from other areas who deposit their waste in the street. Puerto Viejo Bay further aggravating the problem.

“We have tried to talk to the collectors, but it seems like we are talking to a wall, because they just say ‘yes, yes, yes’, but nothing, we don’t understand why it takes them so long to get through or why they don’t collect all that garbage,” he added.

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