No detainees, one month after the massacre of the singer and family of Parral

Monday 10 June, 2024
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Hidalgo del Parral.- It has been a month since the massacre against the family of singer Kevin Amalio Hernández Ortega of the group H Norteña, his wife and two teenagers, which also left 2 people injured, so far there have been no arrests in this regard despite that the authorities reported that the material authors and the mastermind have now been fully identified.

Last Sunday, May 5, at least two hitmen from the Cartel Sinaloa They would have participated in the massacre of the H Norteña singer, Kevin Amalio Hernández and three members of his family, when they were leaving the horse racing lane in Maturana, property of the musician’s wife.

The attackers shot 150 times at the family of Hidalgo del Parral with high-powered AK-47 weapons known as “cuerno de chivo” and 9 millimeters, according to the number of shell casings collected by ministerial agents from the crime scene.

Juan Carlos Portillo, Prosecutor of the southern zone, stated that the line of investigation is aimed at a problem recently registered in the legal business known as Centro Hipico Maturana, where horse racing takes place.

In turn, the State Attorney General, César Jáuregui Moreno, reported that the material and intellectual authors of these events had already been identified and stated that they are related to organized crime.

The head of the Southern Zone Prosecutor’s Office said that the Cartel Sinaloa He is the one behind the death of singer Kevin Amalio Hernández Ortega and three other members of his family.

Juan Carlos Portillo said that the strongest hypothesis is the horse racing lane, so he ruled out that the crime was motivated by the work of the head of the family as a singer.

A vehicle abandoned in a hole in the municipality of Allende was seized by police and military elements and is linked to the bloody events last Sunday afternoon against the Parralense family.

In these events, Kevin Amalio Hernández Ortega, 34, his wife Marisela Barrón Sandoval, 34, and a 17-year-old boy and a 14-year-old teenager lost their lives.

The attack was survived by Mrs. Micaela Sandoval, 52 years old, dedicated to commerce, and her 4-year-old grandson, who remain under police protection and protection.

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