They run towards freedom in the journalistic union in Mazatlán

Monday 10 June, 2024
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Mazatlán.- The journalistic union in Mazatlán runs towards freedom. For 28 consecutive years they celebrated the Saúl Guevara Nava Race, to commemorate Freedom of Expression Day.

Free voices in Lions International

More than 20 communication professionals participated in the Saúl Guevara Nava Race, organized by a committee headed by Susana Cazadero and which in this 28th edition was held on Avenida Leonismo Internacional.

The head of the Mazatlán Municipal Sports Institute, Fabiola Judith Verde Rosas, accompanied Susana Cazadero, the organizer of the competition, at the start and award ceremony.

“Now you are the protagonists, everyone is welcome and I want to congratulate you for coming to participate in the race, which is already a tradition in the union and we want it to be maintained,” said Cazadero, at the beginning of the competition.

In the free category, the place of honor went to Joel Jiménez, from Los Noticieristas, in the men’s branch, as well as Susana Guevara, from Mazatlán es mi Tierra, in the women’s branch.


Women’s Free Category

  1. Susana Guevara / 4:59
  2. Paulina Nava / 5:29
  3. Jijián Luna / 5:41

Men’s Free Category

  1. Joel Jimenez / 8:41
  2. Emmanuel Rosales / 9:51
  3. Luis Motta / 10:23

Golden Men’s Category

  1. Oscar Ojeda / 8:59
  2. Juan Alvarado /9:30
  3. Raúl Brito / 10:08

Men’s Golden Master Category

  1. Rafael González /12:27
  2. Manuel Guízar / 13:31

Men’s Rookies

  1. Joshua Medina / 12:07
  2. Pablo Castillo/ 15:53

They recognized trajectory and new values

In this edition, 16 journalists were honored for their careers, as well as a new category for New Communication Values, for their impact on the media.


  • Sergio Lozano García
  • Arturo Mejía Valenzuela
  • Carlos Ramón Avendaño López
  • María de los Ángeles Moreno Vargas
  • Jesus Ontiveros Soto


  • Claudia Guadalupe Peralta
  • Sabas Espinoza
  • José Martín Reyes Tamayo
  • Rafael González Aguirre


  • Leoncio Sandoval Velarde
  • Rafael Leyva Mejía


  • Liliana Rodríguez López
  • Daniel Iniguez Osuna
  • Manuel de Jesús Guízar Mendía
  • Roberto Osuna Amézquita
  • Adriana Angulo

New Values

  • Dilan Gomez
  • Joel Jimenez Zamora

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