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From a few years back.  Time for a new headshot!


Originally from the Pacific Northwest area of the United States, I ‘discovered’ Mazatlán in 2010 when I took a cruise for my late Aunt’s 97th birthday.  Bought a summer week timeshare (for $1 on Ebay) at the Costa de Oro and came back several times each year.  Was looking at the real estate listings and discovered a departamento that I couldn’t pass up.  So now I live here much of the year, and spend my time traveling and enjoying Mazatlán.


Since I live here I like to read the news about my city, state, country – but there are so many different sources, some in English and others in Spanish.  I thought that since I’m winnowing I might as well put everything in one place and share it.  The site is geared towards English speaking viewers, so the Spanish articles will be google-translated before I post them.  Note that I will be leaving the translated articles as-is, that is I won’t be correcting grammar or substituting idioms that haven’t translated exactly as they should.  YouTube videos in Spanish may be posted from time to time, and you can always use the translate option for closed captions if it’s available.  At the start I’m grabbing a lot of things from many places just to get content.  Eventually I’ll be hand picking the content and tweaking it to stories that would interest both ex-pats/immigrants, snow-birds, and other English speakers who just like to keep current with things in Mazatlán.


I started constructing the site in late December of 2021 and hope to have it fully functional by February 1, 2022.  My intent is to offer content that is updated, minimally, weekly.  I think the reality will be that new content will be added more or less daily – but you should be able to count on content updating at least every seven days.  Perhaps the featured stories and things like ‘This Week’s Recipe’ will change on Monday mornings, but check often to see if there’s something new that might interest you!


Mazatlán!  If you’ve been here, you know where it is, if you haven’t – bienvenidos!  Mazatlán is located on the Pacific Coast of México at the same latitude as Hawaii.  We’re almost directly across from Cabo San Lucas.  Summers are crazy hot and humid, just like every other coastal town in México (except for, from what I hear, Ensenada).  If you’re familiar with summers in Houston, Texas then you can imagine summer in Mazatlán.  The other seasons are warm and inviting!  We have the longest malecón (boardwalk) in Latin America; one of the highest lighthouses built on a natural land formation; and some of the most beautiful beaches you’ll find on the Pacific Coast side of the country.


Short answer is because I’m retired and life moves too slowly without projects!


This site runs on WordPress, a very popular content management system.  The stories are automatically gathered from news and entertainment sources that offer ‘rss’ feeds.  I then take a little time to determine which would be appropriate for the Mazatlán Weekly, and add them to their respective areas on the page.