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Saturday 18 March, 2023
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It is not new to see the members of a group leaving to embark on their own path, what is surprising today is the ‘lightness’ with which some take it, perhaps without thinking about what it takes to take such an important step. for the continuation of a career.

There are cases in which the panorama is clearly more encouraging and the risk is worth it, such as Eden Muñoz, who at the height of the history of Caliber 50, decided that she wanted to do and experiment with other things musically, she gambled and the results have been excellent; a career as a soloist with great expectations, a career as a composer that is growing like foam and that of a producer that is becoming more and more solid.

This week it came to light in Mazatlán, the cradle of banda music, that his former partner Armando Ramos, who has been working as a second voice and guitarist for twelve years and who, after leaving Eden, was left as front man He has decided to leave the group to be a soloist, it is true that he has great experience and has written some songs but if we are to be honest, those arguments do not bode well.

It is true that the public has the last word, but judging by what has been seen, very few cases are really outstanding; Carlos Sarabia and El Mimoso, for example, have had to resort to their presentations, mostly songs that they sang in their time with Banda El Recodo since in a decade they have not been able to make their own catalogue, as well as Toño Lizárraga or Lorenzo Méndez. who after their departure from La Original Banda El Limón have not ‘hit a hit’.

The rumor about the departure of La Adictiva, of one of its vocalists, has also grown; Memo Garza, who in recent years had been an important part of a new twist that was given to the Mesillas group, after Claudio Alcaraz did not renew his contract and currently maintains a stable career within the genre.

The case of La Arrolladora has undoubtedly been and will continue to be the subject of controversy; first the departure of Jorge Medina and later that of Josi Cuen after experiencing the splendor of fame, spotlight and success, were a tremendous shock for a band that has not been able to recover from the blow. Today with three very young and little-known singers, it has not achieved the glories achieved in the past, ironically, its former vocalists have not reached the point where they once were, which may mean that the public needs to finish to assimilate the breakup.

The contract term of Samuel Sarmiento, vocalist of Banda Los Recoditos, is approaching and he has not yet renewed it, which means that he is thinking of a separate career, but before, and as stipulated in the current one, he will not be able to for some time Being on stage, that time in limbo can be lethal, so it might be worth thinking things over with a cool head, before making hasty decisions.

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Source: Tere Aguilera from Publimetro México on 2023-03-17 16:55:31

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